The Balderdash Saga

With illustrated chapter books, the dark fairytale series, The Balderdash Saga, is ideal for kids as young as 6 and as old as 11, depending on reading level and parental involvement. An immersive experience, comprising three books and several short stories in an ever-growing world that your kids will love!


The Underground Princess

Book 1 – The Underground Princess

Not all fairytales take place in rolling hills or along sparkling beaches. Some happen right below our very feet like the corpses they are…. Meet many friends, and a couple foes, on your visit to Balderdash. Whether you’re searching for true love with Princess Scarlet, or fighting for honor with Roland the pirate knight, there is something for every reader within this coffin tale.

Published December 1, 2014


Book 2 – The Prince’s Plight

Prince Kaylan realizes with horror that humans stand merely an hour’s walk from Balderdash, and faces a critical decision: warn the underground kingdom, or risk losing his life—and compromising the location of Balderdash—to save the woman?

Published April 15, 2015

Book 3 – The Shaman’s Salvation

The very existence of Balderdash is hanging by a thread. The kingdom is under attack by vicious creatures called Mana Beasts, and someone is after the shaman. Will Balderdash fall because of the shaman’s past actions? Will she lose it all, or will she sacrifice herself to save her people?

Published September 26, 2015

Balderdash Saga Shorts:

The Balderdash Saga Omnibus Cover

The Balderdash Saga – Special Edition

This SPECIAL EDITION features all three of the short stories released in the THE BALDERDASH SAGA SHORTS.
It also features an exclusive 4th short story, available only in this special edition. Finally, it includes 12 exclusive illustrations.

Roland the Pirate Knight

Roland the Pirate Knight

A pirate’s code is a fickle thing, and honor is relative in this short story that follows Roland the Pirate Knight.

Roland joins a misfit crew of pirates led by Captain Oakheel, who is trying to become the leader of the Bloodband Pirates. As Roland stands on the edge of a plank during this pirate action-adventure, he wonders if it will be water or deck that ends up below his feet

(Note: Available as a single short story digitally through or included in The Balderdash Saga – Special Edition)

Hurlock the Warrior King

Hurlock leads an army against the evil mage Kahster, who is hiding behind a strange fog that suffocates the small town of Ashcroft. As Hurlock fights his way toward the sorcerer, he is faced with a difficult choice: be a leader, or become lost in the fog forever.

(Note: Available as a single short story digitally through or included in The Balderdash Saga – Special Edition)

Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess

Scarlet wants desperately to save her deathly sick father. To do so she must team up with a mysterious man, who promises to help save him in return for a specific favor. What will the favor really cost her? Will Scarlet find herself a pawn in this man’s game, or will she really get the chance to save her father from his impending doom?

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