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Reviews are an author’s credentials. With so many books in the world, reviews are there to help sort the good from the bad. Potential readers search for them to help determine the true quality of a book, so by reviewing my stories, it gives potential readers incentive to check out my work.

Thank you for taking a moment to leave an honest book review.

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*Reviews on Amazon are the same for the Paperback and Kindle edition.

The Balderdash Saga:

The Underground Princess:

Amazon – Goodreads – Barnes & Noble

The Prince’s Plight:

AmazonGoodreads – Barnes & Noble

The Shaman’s Salvation:

AmazonGoodreadsBarnes & Noble

Balderdash Saga Shorts:

Roland the Pirate Knight:

Amazon – Goodreads

Hurlock the Warrior King:


Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess:


The Balderdash Saga – Special Edition:

AmazonGoodreadsBarnes & Noble

Kingdom in Chains:

Kingdom in Chains:

Amazon – GoodreadsBarnes & Noble

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