Blog Shoutout – Delrain (Hunter Lowe) Reviews The Underground Princess

Author and Blogger, Delrain (Hunter Lowe) took the time to review and write a blog post about The Underground Princess. Check it out, share it, enjoy it. It’s good to see honest reviews like this.

“I’d like to make some suggestions that you may not hear about from box-office movie adaptations, but from places you may not have taken the time to look. There are myriads of talented writers ranging from literature for children to adult non-fiction that many of us simply overlook because they aren’t plastered on the front of a newspaper or magazine. On that note, I’d like to introduce a title I had a wonderful time reading, and would most certainly recommend to any parent or young reader looking for a strong story to join the ranks of their favorite titles…”


Learn more about The Underground Princess or get your own copy today!

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