Let’s Talk Interviews

Recently I was part of two interviews that were published back-to-back, and this got me thinking that I should collect all my interviews and include them here with some additional thoughts.


First thing to note is that even though some of these questions may be similar, I try to vary my answers with honest, considerate content. Thanks very much for taking the time to read through them and get to know me a little more. In addition to these interviews, I’ve recently updated my author bio page with some more detailed information about me and writing. You can find that one here.


There is also an interview in each of the Balderdash Saga books. Those pertain more to the books themselves and the process behind writing them.


Thanks and read on!




Most recently was an interview done by Awesomegang. This is a website that’s a dedicated resource for authors and readers alike.  It’s a great way for readers to find discounted and free literature. This company is very professional, and they seem to love connecting readers and writers. With that said, they interviewed me in order to introduce myself to the community. You can read that interview here.


Book Goodies:

Next we have a company called Book Goodies. This is another site that is dedicated to the writing community in one fashion or another. As a reader, you can connect with discounted books and giveaways, and as an author you can hopefully find some new readers. Well, their platform followed something similar to Awesomegang’s in that they wanted to do an interview to help introduce myself to the people. You can read that interview here.



This was an interview done in May, and I have to say it was quite pleasant dealing with them. It felt so personal like they really wanted to know more. This really stuck out to me as a good interview. You can check that one out here.


The Examiner:

This was my first real interview, and it was done by the very talented author, Jeff Altabef. He took a lot of time to teach me the ways of the interview, and I’ll always remember it. You can find this gem here.

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