Two Years – April 24, 2015

I won my first contest for writing two years ago today, which acted as the Launchpad for me to write professionally; always support programs that help recognize someone’s creative efforts.

Check out the bottom of this article for download links for the short story!

So April 24 marks two years since I accepted payment for my first publication! What a big deal, right? This really became the Launchpad for me to see that writing can be more than a hobby. I mean… to win $250 for a first publication is HUGE, especially while considering making writing a career.

Contests and programs like this act as the backbone to courage for artists, especially for those who are still trying to figure things out. To win something like this really instills the confidence one needs to say, “Hey, I might really be slightly above average!”

I still remember feeling like my legs were going to give out while I stood there reading what could have been the longest story in the world, but I made it through, and that will always go down as my first step toward no longer being a closet writer.

I can’t urge everyone enough to recognize that programs like this are monumental for people’s productivity and confidence, and I must tip my hat to Tim Barnum and Darlene Enix-Barnum who sponsor The Marjorie Flack Award. Tim is Marjorie Flack’s grandson, and to see him carrying something on like this touches on the subjects of tradition, honor, love, and so much more.

Beyond this, though. To have a teacher that, too, sees the importance of these types of programs is amazing. This wasn’t the case with every teacher that I’ve had, but the teacher that really facilitated this program (Marjorie Flack), did just that: Susan Cohen. She sees beauty in every word, and frankly I was spoiled to have met her.

For more information on Marjorie Flack, I’ve linked her Wikipedia page, as well as the AACC page.

Want to read ‘The Left Behind’? Download it here:

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